How You Can Reduce Feelings of Anxiety

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I Think I Might be Anxious, Now What?


Feeling anxious does not have to take over your life.

In therapy you can learn ways to help reduce your anxiety. Learn coping skills to help you manage everyday anxiety and relinquish yourself from the constant worrying.

As a psychotherapist, I am here to provide you with a safe environment, one in which supports you towards your goals of feeling the best possible version of you.

Today’s world moves so quickly, we are bombarded by technology and easily wrapped up in our everyday routines. Sometimes, it’s easy to forgot how to turn off the race thoughts and anxious feelings that we still have so much to do at the end of the day.

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“To free desire from the tendency to cling, we have to be willing to stumble over ourselves” ~Mark Epstein


Will my anxiety ever stop?

How do I control my racing thoughts and worried mind?

How do I manage to keep up my routine but turn off my anxiety?

Worry about deadlines, driving the kids to practice, keeping up with work assignments, stress, managing relationship conflicts, and many other daily life tasks that can get interrupted by anxiety.

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When I work with individuals who experience anxiety, I sit and listen to the worries, difficulties, and ways that my client feels stuck. I step into their experience to collaboratively create a plan to help reduce the racing thoughts, sleeping better, increasing concentration at work and productivity, as well as overall personal life satisfaction.

I love that moment for a client when everything seems to fall into place. They can see when they have reduced their anxiety, are more productive at work, they are sleeping, and overall happier because their anxiety feels manageable.


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