How You Can Reduce Feelings of Depression



Feeling less depressed is possible.

Therapy may help to decrease the symptoms of depression. Talk therapy has been shown to be effective in teaching individuals how to cope with depression feelings, symptoms and to learn how to change patterns behaviors.

Depression looks and acts different for each person. Feeling depressed does not always fit the stereotype of depression that movies portray. Suffering from depression does not always mean you have given up on life. In fact, many people with depression lead ordinary lives and have feelings of sadness most days of the week, they may no longer enjoy activities/things they once found pleasurable, feelings of worthlessness or helplessness, or maybe they sleep more than before or not enough. There is help to reducing your depression feelings.


“Her smile was like armor and everyday she went to war” ~r.n. Sin


When you are ready for change, help is here to support you through your journey.

You are not alone.


When I work with people suffering from depression, I create a safe environment which is a collaborative place in which we come up with new ways of interacting and viewing the world. Developing new patterns, routines, and ways to connect back to things that once brought you joy and happiness.

My job can be so rewarding when an someone with depression breaks away from the chains that bound them to their sadness and feelings of worthlessness. When getting up in the morning becomes easier, they have more energy in the day because they are sleeping more, this is why I love my job. I support and guide individuals toward what they are seeking the most.


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