Couples Therapy FAQ


How much does couples therapy cost?

Couples therapy sessions start at $160 for 50 minute sessions, or $175 for 75 minute sessions. I may offer a reduced fee for couples in financial hardship. Please contact me for more information.

How often should we come to therapy?

Typically, couples therapy is once per week to twice per month. It depends on the level of crisis the relationship is dealing with and what your goals are.

What is your policy around secrets?

I do not hold secrets for each person within the couple. If you do disclose a secret to me, I will encourage you to share with your partner. I will work with you to create a space that is safe and a trusting environment. You will not be alone when sharing your secret. I am here to support and guide both of you.

What should I do if my partner does not want to come to therapy, but I do.

Sometimes, it is possible to ease a partners worries or concerns around couples therapy. Or a 15 minute phone consultation with me may also help ease your partners concerns about therapy. For more information about either of these please feel free to contact me.

Can I come in for an individual session, then do couples therapy with you?

Typically, one or two individual session is possible as long as it is balanced between the two of you. Once therapy has begun, it’s less likely if at all. Otherwise, most couples therapy sessions are conducted with both individuals. As a couples therapist, it is important for me to hold space and support both individuals equally. I treat and see both individuals as a unit within the relationship.


Will going to couples therapy mean we get “fixed”?

Couples therapy holds a big stigma label in our society. It is often there is a misperception of what couples therapy is and why couples go to therapy.  Your reasons are unique and so will be your solutions and steps towards growth.  It’s not something that comes easily, it’s a lot of work.  Support for your most important relationship is a worthwhile investment.

What to expect in couples therapy?

As a couples therapist my work with you, will be to help increase insight in how you’re both contributing to your current set of patterns…that’s where the power lies for the both of you.  I will guide the both of you towards gaining understanding of old communication patterns and together create a workable dialogue towards reconnection, and ultimately, Trust with your partner. Additionally, I am trained as a Emotion-Focused Couples therapist (EFT) and often teach my clients about EFT. Most couples find this experience informative and helpful in understanding their own relationship.

What if we are both not comfortable with our therapist?

As a therapist, I am passionate about helping people. And, as rare as this occurs, if we are not a match I will work with you to find someone who will be.

Still have more questions about couples therapy. Please contact me today for your consultation.