Couples & Relationships

Building connection, increasing communication and fostering trust and intimacy with your partner are all possible.

Therapy is here to help you get to a better place with your partner.

As a psychotherapist, I am here to help guide and support you and your partner to a better place. My goal is to help you and your partner feel comfortable, truly heard by your therapist and a deep empathic environment where trust is built.

Our society teaches us that therapy is something to be ashamed of. I am here to tell you, that it is not a shameful place. Often  many of my clients wish they had called in sooner for an appointment.

“A strong relationship requires choosing to love each other even in the moments you struggle to like each other” ~Anonymous

My foundation when working with couples is empirically-based approach, called Emotion Focused Therapy. I work with couples collaboratively to find ways to sort through the patterns that got you here, we find clarity, we make sense of the old patterns, and develop new ways of connection and communication with your partner.

I enjoy watching couples I work with grow and learn in ways they never thought possible. When couples are able to decrease the conflicts, eliminate their anger, and express their loneliness or sadness. Then couples can deepen their understanding and connection, and increasing their trust and intimacy with one another. This process is truly rewarding to be apart of and I’d love the chance to help you and your partner.

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