Do-Not-Use_LO_RES_Proof_MG_1227Sevil Gonen, M.A. is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (110795) in Davis, California. She has been working with challenged families and individuals for 10 years which led her way into her passion as a therapist.

She finds the value in the staying in the here and now, rather than dwelling on the past events or traumas, in a collaborative manner, she illuminates the specific areas of change each client desires to make. She enjoys working with adolescents, individuals, couples, and issues around aging. Her professional and life experience fills in the gaps where her formal training leaves off. A good part of her training is in the areas of client-centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy and dialectical-behavioral therapy.  While each individual needs are different, Sevil adjusts the therapeutic modalities as they fit the client’s needs and goals.

When Sevil is not working with her clients, she enjoys and finds tranquility in the outdoors, arts and crafts, gardening, traveling, and time spent with her friends and family; in addition, she is raising a rambunctious puppy who has hopes of becoming a therapy dog one day.